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The Pedigree of "Islamic Danger"




It evolved from no-holds-barred free-for-all on message boards [AOL, Yahoo], to club [Yahoo], community [Yahoo, MSN], and group [Yahoo, MSN], until it launched into the blogosphere.

Right now, we have eleven [11] blogs on Blogspot*--but do not be concerned, were these to be muzzled, we have blogs standing by to take over the fight at other venues.

An early start in the resistance against Islam, the original "Islamic Danger," an internet club, was formed by two founders who had met as keyboard-comrades-in-arms on internet message boards in 2000. [At AOL]

In those early--pre-9-11--days of the anti-jihad, any uncomplimentary reference to "the religion of peace" (dubbed as such by the authorities) was immediately punished by deletion of the post as "hate speech." Although rife with Jew-hatred and attacks against American values, messages posted by the followers of Islam remained, regardless of their breach of the Terms of Service (TOS).

In early 2001, the fight was moved to a more receptive venue--as an internet club "Islamic Danger"--its first incarnation [at Yahoo]. Membership in the club grew phenomenally until it led the Middle East section in membership, visits, and number of posts. This growth spurted noticeably after the Islamic attack against the United States on 9-11-01.

Visibility brought more enemies of the Islamic and Leftist persuasion. Every post was examined by the enemies of America for breaches of Terms of Service (TOS). The club was brought down by an European who "felt the pain" of the Islamics ("self-professed, perennial victims").

The original founders were banned for life from the venue, and sadly disappeared from interspace. [Like hell]

Several stalwart followers of the old "Islamic Danger" established a community with the same name at another internet venue [at MSN]. Same story repeated itself. As its membership grew, attacks by Islamics and their Leftist fellow-travellers multiplied. An attack, including the posting of hate messages and inappropriate photographs, and then running screaming "hate!" and "TOS violation!"to the "authorities" led to the sudden demise of the group.

There were several attempts to resuscitate the group--the last proving successful. As long as membership stayed under a noticeable percentage, the group was allowed to remain. Any sudden growth led to deletion of the group.

Two of these groups still exist under the old name, as well as several clones under the same management.

The "Islamic Danger" blogs you can find on the internet [the blogspot "Islamic Danger"blogs, listed below] were started by veterans of the early struggles to warn the West against the danger of Islamic infiltration into its lands with the aim of subjugation of free people. The goal of the Islamics, as it has been since the early days of desert brigandry under Mohammed, is to have a subjugated heavily-taxed population that the Mohammedans could then milk and live off.

The predilection for Islamics to live off the work of others is a fact that can be seen in the EU welfare states where they rushed for "asylum." Conquest by demographics is a fact of Islamic striving to conquer the free world. Their abhorrence of work can be seen from the Saudi penchant for having an oppressed and sexually brutalized foreign "underclass" do manual labor in lieu of the usual Christian and other non-Moslem slaves that have been used by Mohammedans for the past 13 centuries (1).

1. . . . [Donald Rumsfeld] observed that oil billions have shielded [Moslems] "from the reality of the work, effort and investment that leads to wealth for the rest of the world. Too often Muslims are against physical labor, so they bring in Koreans and Pakistanis[*] while their young people remain unemployed. An unemployed population is easy to recruit to radicalism.”
--Donald Rumsfeld

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Saudi Arabia is hub of world terror: The desert kingdom supplies the cash and the killers (52)

[*] Not to forget Filipinos and Filipinas

* Name not taken from, but we strongly endorse, the excellent
The Islamic Danger to Western Civilization
by Yohanan Ramati
1. The Historical Background of Islamic Resurgence
2. The Diagnosis
3. The Cure the West Rejected
4. Postscript from the Ashes of the Twin Towers
[ Full article for printing ]

* "Islamic Danger" Blogs
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The Jew in Yellow
The Jew in Yellow No More
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