Monday, February 9, 2009

Is it Time for Jews to Join with the BNP (British National Party)?

. . . to form a united front against the Islamics who pose a danger to both--Great Britain (the UK) and Jews worldwide, especially to those in the Jew's country: Israel.

Leslie White Says: February 9th, 2009 at 8:55 am


Unfortunately, the only hope for stemming the Islamization of the UK is the BNP (British National Party). Although this party has of late cast off its inbuilt antisemitism (supposedly)–see — many British Celt-Anglos (white skin, red or blond hair, blue eyes) still consider Jews among the “non-whites” or “mixed” with dubious racial antecedents.

That is, although for the time being, the BNP is on the same side as Jews when facing the Islamic menace, whether its members will welcome Jews as fellow British subjects were the Islamics to be contained or preferably removed from the British Isles remains up in the air.

On the foregoing link to a pro-Israel British blog-site, visible support for Israel is given. Also, however, is a link to a book detailling “who is white,” which relegates the Jews to what appears to be a non-white “mongrel” status. Skin color alone appears not to be the specific criterion separating “Nordic whites” from “Semites.” One supposes that the admixture feared by the “Nordics” is that of Africans, originally stemming from the sub-Saharan regions.

Be these Hitlerian and pre-Nazi racial particularizations as they may, fully trusting “Nordic-superiority” movements that appear to be part and parcel of the BNP to be Judeophilic is premature, to say the least. BNP support for Israel is certainly welcomed, but whether “Jews okay in Israel but not among Northern Europeans” should be acceptable to Jews is questionable at least or at most be subject for outright rejection.

Even hawks joining with wolves to stand against hyenas appears a risky venture (on part of the hawks–let alone if we substitute hawks with doves, by which too many Jews can be symbolized).

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